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3. Dezember 2020

As a profitable business, we're in the pleasant circumstance that we've got additional orders than we are able to procedure.

That may be why we're looking for new employees so that we can satisfy our buyers even more rapidly.

You'll discover our current vacancies under. In the event you think that you can strengthen our team in yet another function, we're curious about you and look forward to your application documents, which you may also send to us on the web here.

Apprenticeship: Tile, slab and mosaic layer (m / f paraphrase paragraph online / d) apply now.

We're searching for a trainee. Are you the proper particular person for this position? Find out!

Are you on the lookout for a instruction position where you'll be able to be active? Do you also possess a talent for craftsmanship and also prefer to function along with your hands? Well! Those are ideal circumstances. Together with the coaching to develop into a tile, slab and mosaic layer, you may understand a future-proof job. Simply because craft has a future - always!

Would you prefer to discover additional about this job initially? Incredibly well! In the following paragraphs you can find significant details about this training. As an example, how lengthy the education lasts and what almost everything is included. Read almost everything through in peace. When you've got any additional concerns, just write to us. We will be pleased to answer you by e-mail.

Critical info about the job description of "tile, slab and mosaic layer":

From tiles in all colors and shapes to sophisticated mosaics - the function of the tile, slab and mosaic layer is as varied as the material they use. You style wall and floor surfaces inside and outdoors of buildings - one example is with ceramic floor and wall coverings, natural stone or concrete slabs. With all the coverings you create a friendly and person environment. In swimming pools and hospitals, tiles, slabs and mosaics are also a vital prerequisite for cleanliness and hygiene.

It's important to count on that.

Ahead of laying, you first must calculate how many tiles are required for the respective laying method. The installer have to take all corners, niches and protrusions into account accordingly. Only then does the actual manual function begin: you produce setting or laying mortar that creates a firm connection for the substrate. This is followed by the use of cutting devices, dry and wet cutting machines, also as bevelling and bending machines, which are vital for clean, custom-made perform.

You will need to commit to that.

For this job you'll need a number of skills and skills: You need to master colour theory and style also as activities in heat, sound and moisture protection. You need to also be confident within the several laying methods as well as in handling screeds and plastering.

Additional details and education content material

Vocational education, labor and collective bargaining law Structure and organization on the training company Safety and overall health protection at operate Environmental protection Order acceptance, efficiency recording, perform program and flow chart Setting up, securing and clearing construction internet sites Installation of insulation materials for heat, cold, sound and fire protection Positioning and laying of tiles, slabs and mosaics Renovation and repair of cladding and coverings created of tiles, slabs and mosaics High quality assurance measures.

Duration of coaching / exams:

An intermediate examination must be carried out through vocational training. It should take location in the end on the second year of coaching.

Final and journeyman's examination:

The education concludes having a journeyman's / final examination.

Start out of perform promptly Fixed-term unlimited Contract type full-time.